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When you wish to win the WHOLE world with your sales you definitely need to WHOLESALE. Wholesale has always taken the entire world by storm be it Alibaba with B2B eCommerce or DHGate, wholesaling has always given all the sellers of the world a new and exciting journey to their business. And now Shopify too has given way with more than 5 new and improved feature to this B2B commerce tale.

Five new features are now live that make the wholesale eCommerce buying experience more automated and representative of your brand.

  1. Add a custom domain to your Wholesale store
  2. Automate onboarding with account signup controls
  3. Create custom wholesale pages for B2B communication
  4. Translate your wholesale’s language front and backend
  5. Make discounts easier with volume pricing by product

But wait before we let you know how Shopify is doing this let us first know what is exactly “WHOLESALE”

Wholesale is selling your products in large quantities to other retailers (or wholesalers) and not directly to an end consumer.

Why should you go forward and sell Wholesale?


Wholesale is a business-to-business sales strategy where another store carries your products and markets them to potential future customers.

Selling your products in bulk at a lower price than to the normal end consumer can help to diversify revenue. By allowing smaller gross margins you allow re-sellers space for their own marketing and promotion of your products. Pushing you further and wider, which in turn is a good way to increase your brand recognition and generate more cashflow.

So now that you know what exactly is wholesaling you ll be surprised to know that you can Launch a wholesale channel in less than 20 minutes with Shopify. The wholesale eCommerce channel is your gateway into an online B2B market that is over three times larger than consumer eCommerce sales worldwide.

So now what is the best way to do this within the Shopify arena?

Create all new separate store?

By simply adding a sub-domain or a separate domain you can create another store aimed at wholesalers. You can set up a separate store by copying your existing online shop, password-protecting it, and customizing it to the exact shopping experience you want for your wholesale customers.

Give different discount codes to customers?

Discount codes can be easily generated for a variety of discounts and distributed to target customers without the need for creating complicated additional systems.

Third party Wholesale apps?

The Shopify App Store has a number of apps that allow you to start selling your products to wholesalers at different rates. This is the recommended option for those who want to actively increase their wholesale customer base.

Customer Pricing, Wholesaler and Supple Wholesale are apps that allow you to tag chosen customers as wholesale. They will then be exclusively offered lower prices for the products you want to sell in bulk. 

Now that you know the whereabouts of how a wholesale business can bloom in Shopify let us elaborate more on the initial mentioned points about the features that Shopify is offering for their wholesale merchants

Add a custom domain to your Wholesale store

Shopify merchants can now easily add custom domains to their stores which helps them to give the brand and a trust factor for their website. The brand evaluation with the retailers of the merchant also increases once there is a different domain name for the wholesale section.

Along with this custom wholesale domain allows merchants the flexibility to clearly differentiate or secure their wholesale business from their traditional B2C online store.

Merchants have the freedom to change the domain of their wholesale store to point to a subdomain of an existing URL, whether it’s already associated with your online store or not. You can keep your original store as your primary domain and keep the subdomain for the wholesale section! For example, if your stores’ domain is www.thisismystore.com the wholesale section can have a subdomain like www.wholesale.thisismystore.com

Automate onboarding with account signup controls

With all new sales channel, you can restrict whom to enter the backend and who can not! With Shopify wholesale channel you can have a separate login and registration details for each of our retailers with specific Id and details to follow. In Shopify Plus wholesale channel, you can allow prospective customers to apply for accounts to your wholesale store and choose to automatically approve anyone who signs up or to review each application before approving them. The flexibility offers unparalleled choice and the control you desire. With the new account signup controls, you can also create custom fields to capture key information from customers such as tax or business identification numbers.

Create custom wholesale pages for B2B communication

You can create and use all new pages with Shopify Wholesale channel with

You can also manage both your B2C and B2B businesses from one admin and you can set you:

  • Wholesale products, orders, inventory, and customer data will automatically sync to your store’s existing admin
  • Logo, colors, email notifications, and navigation will match your brand and guide discoverability of products with no coding required
  • Minimum and maximum quantities and quantity increments per product can be set, and minimum order purchase amounts can be customized storewide or per customer
  • Price lists can be generated manually or uploaded as a CSV in bulk as well as customized to individuals or groups with a fixed price, percentage, or volume-based discounts
  • While the entire process from signup to checkout may be automated, you can also offer higher-touch wholesale customers flexibility with regard to purchase options. Specifically, Plus merchants have the option to:
  • Let customers instantly pay for their order through an online checkout
  • Set flat shipping rates, offer free shipping, or use the rates from your store
  • Manually receive orders (through phone, email, or in person) and create order and apply wholesale pricing for a personal touch
  • Allow customers to submit purchase orders for review so you can add negotiated discounts, adjust shipping prices, or upsell products before sending an invoice to be paid by credit card or manual terms

Translate your wholesale’s language front and backend

With international commerce taking a new trend in with dropshipping on a rise it is important to keep pace with the rest and the biggest way to reach is to be in the language of the retailer and here Shopify wholesale channel helps you too you can translate the language of the wholesale channel from the frontend and the backend. You can provide a consistent customer experience across your B2C and B2B stores by having them in the same language. Wholesale front and backends are now available in French, English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Make discounts easier with volume pricing by product

You can now with the wholesale channel customize your wholesale pricing and help your customers get the products they want with more flexible options to reach minimum order quantities. Taking advantage of this you can introduce a new price strategy allows you to mix and match variant quantities at the product level. You can let the minimum order quantity, the maximum order quantity be decided by the customer and also give them offers.

The wholesale channel allows brands to refocus time into growing their wholesale business by automating the order entry process. B2B can quickly become the fastest growing sales channel for businesses because of the high average order value and repeat customers that wholesale often yields, and with Shopify you name it and its there! SHOPIFY WHOLESALE CHANNEL gives you all the benefits of the new eCommerce journey and makes it extremely easy and sharp for you!


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