Lot of factors chime in when it comes to optimizing your Shopify website for improved conversions and sales. Your product page being one of the most important sections of your site needs to be customized to enhance the user experience.

Luckily, the multifarious Shopify apps give you the freedom to think out-of-the-box and personalize Ecommerce for a high-converting and high-volume online store.

Here are top Shopify apps that let you add extra information on your product pages:

Xtra Info – An app that lets you create succinct descriptions and highlight the most vital facts about your products to improve conversions. Use this app to strategically place relevant product details right between the ‘Add to Cart’ button and the product description area. Add value to your products with this responsive and customizable app.

Product Extra Fields – Create new meta fields for general info, images and links and add these fields as many times for a product with this app. Update these extra fields for all products in a collection and customize the info for specific products/collections.

TabMe Product Tabs – Help your customers make quick purchase decisions when you streamline your product info with tabs and blocks where you can add texts, images, tables and lists. Create unlimited tabs in different colors, dimensions and number of columns. Manage tab positioning and link them with different products/collections.

Order & Product Fees – Use this app to add info like ‘Gift Wrap’, ‘Rush delivery’ and earn extra profits for these tasks by customizing fields for fee input, hide/show fee options, fixed/% fee price options and more for specific products.

Set fee prices and apply them once or to the entire cart using different pricing strategies, depending on whether your product fee conditions are met or not. This app also lets your customers share shipping and payment expenses with you.

Metafield Sync – Add additional info to your products for example, the product code, model number or dimensions. Improve product displays by creating metafield for small tweaks for specific product/variant or for bulk product uploads.This app lets you add this info on your collection page.

All these apps can be customized to meet your store theme and branding. Leverage them to manage your business better and grow your sales opportunities. Let us know which of these apps would you use for your Shopify store!


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